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Black Dog Construction Oak Island NC 
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Black Dog Construction is pleased to offer a wide array of contracting services to meet most every need you may have. We have three major areas of concentration of our services, each one centered around your specific needs, requests and desires. We are here to make your dreams come true and complete a project that you will be completely satisfied with.

Family getting larger? Need extra space for the mother-in-law? Perhaps a man-cave? We have you covered. At Black Dog Construction we will work with you to help create the addition to your existing structure that will be the talk of the town and a hit among your friends, neighbors and, of course you. No project is too big or to small for us, and we offer excellence in craftsmanship and quality. We look forward to having an opportunity to serve you.

Tired of the look of your current home? Just purchase a home on the Island and want to give it a facelift? Maybe that kitchen needs to be redone? Well, you have come to the right place. At Black Dog Construction we are dedicated to helping you with the renovation solution that is right for your needs and your budget. We use only the highest grade materials in all that we do, and we have a tremendously talented crew of craftsman and artisans who can help you bring the visions of your dreams to reality.

As time moves forward, the standards and norms of life at home are frequently changing. In order to adapt to the present lifestyle of homeowners, home renovation is necessary to provide an updated living atmosphere. Black Dog calls upon highly experienced crafters to execute any renovation desired. Reconnect with your house through a reimagined, reinvented, renovated home.

New Construction:
Do you have a lot or home site in need of a home? Call us. At Black Dog Construction we are "all in" when it comes to new home construction, and we have had the privilege of constructing some of the finest homes on the Island, an honor that we take seriously. We will work with your architect to help come up with a strategy and a plan of action to bring what now sits on paper in to a three-dimensional masterpiece that you call....home. We work with you to help create excellence in our work and our efforts. We use only the highest grade building materials in all that we do, and we absolutely strive to exceed your standards and expectations.

Building a house is about more than just construction; it is about crafting a home that provides the foundation for your family. The building process at Black Dog Construction is one that focuses on creating the ideal home that the client envisions. Having years of experience in construction on Oak Island allows us to tailor to each homeowner’s specific desires through custom home building projects. Their goal is to build a home that focuses on family needs and surpasses expectations.


Black Dog Construction is a full service construction company that offers customers new construction services for custom home construction services as well as major renovation and remodeling services for the greater Oak Island area.

Based on Oak Island, NC, Black Dog is also a proud member of a select group of construction companies that have been approved by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

We provide services that are unparalleled in the industry and we work closely with each and every client to ensure that the work done meets or exceeds any requirements that our clients may have.



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